Why Kamado Rocket

Why Cook With a Kamado Rocket Smoker / Grill

Kamado Rocket -is the only US Made Kamado that can cook with all types of fuel; use the gas to assist in lighting the charcoal or wood or just use the gas/burner as a standard grill and just add a piece of wood, lump charcoal or mojoe bricks for added smoke flavor.

Heat by Convection – Proper heat circulation for uniform cooking is why the shape of the Kamado Rocket is like a rocket ship which allows for more cooking levels. In the engineering dictum, “round is better than square”

Heat by Radiation – The retained heat in the heavy refractory walls creates the most even, all around cooking experience that you cannot receive with thin walled metal barbecues or cheaply built smokers made of ceramic.

Refractory Insulation Characteristics – The thick refractory walls insulate as well as retain the heat. The exterior tile has the same exceptional thermal characteristics that are found on the nose cone and bottom of the space shuttle.

Durability – You can expect a lifetime(s) of continued use. Our modern technology and new refectory formulas have enabled us to make a product that is unaffected by heat or cold. Every piece of the Kamado Rockets hardware (inside and out) is handmade and built with only US made #304 Stainless Steel and Aircraft Aluminum.

Aesthetics – The Kamado Rocket is artistically tiled with the finest imported porcelain, ceramic, glass, and stone tiles. With our dedicated workers our customers are rewarded by a “work of art” which will make a beautiful addition to your home or patio. You now have the opportunity to select a color to match your decor and will have a piece of functional yard art and the greatest tasting food.


The Kamado Rocket has tremendous versatility and operates as effectively at 150F as at 800F or more, and all temperatures in between, and it’s 100% Made in the USA ( Las Vegas, Nevada). You can smoke salmon, ribs, and turkey at low temps, and grill your favorites at medium temps, or sear steak at high temp. You can even use the Kamado as a Pizza Oven to bake bread and Pizza! The retained heat in the heavy duty refractory walls aid in cooking and results in juicier and more flavorful foods. The results are unlike any you have ever experienced!